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Months of Harassment With No End in Sight

My name is Rebecca Rodriguez. I am a filmmaker and an animal advocate based in the United States and the CURRENT target of harassment by CEE4Life, an Australia based NGO. The cyberstalking and attempted extortion is being driven by CEE4Life's founder Sybelle Foxcroft with the help of Briony Wolf Luttig of South Africa and Celia Athumani of Australia. In March 2017, I launched a fundraiser, to cover the expenses of taking an assessment team of animal professionals to Indonesia. My goal was to determine how I might help the starving Sun Bears at Bandung Zoo and perhaps improve matters for the animals on a larger scale. As a filmmaker, I understand the power of media when it comes to inspiring positive change and I intended to bring my skill set as a filmmaker, along with my 20+ years of experience in animal advocacy, to help the animals of Indonesia. And then this happened... Sybelle Foxcroft of CEE4Life contacted me in April and requested that I send her the funds that I had

Sybelle Foxcroft Founder of CEE4Life

  Sybelle Foxcroft is the Founder of CEE4Life, an NGO registered in Victoria, Australia. She claims to live in Christmas Island City, Oceania, Australia and is from Southern Moreton Bay, Australia. She claims to hold a double degree making her  "an expert in wildlife protection, environmental management and animal care, ethics and welfare". Sybelle's MO is to either aggressively push her way into a project or attempt to befriend the rescuer. She then mimics their work and takes credit by posting misleading statements about her involvement. Sybelle is notorious for creating false profiles and having set-up conversations with her supporters. They plant questions and share their own blogs and pages with one another, feigning surprise and shock. Sybelle is a DELETER!!! She will delete comments and questions raised by members of the public and will also delete her own comments. Her motto: "DELETE, BAN AND BLOCK" She is rude and defensive when challenged

Celia Athumani, Supporter of CEE4Life

Celia Athumani lives in New South Wales, Australia or possibly Indonesia. She owns a business called Ohana Vintage Style in Lennox Head, New South Wales She is "co/owner" and "co/founder"of Julia African Safaris. She does not appear to be involved in animal rescue beyond being a supporter of CEE4Life. Celia's MO is being mean and nastiness.. She seems to have short fuse and quickly attacks people who post any type of disagreement on the CEE4Life page.  She also hides behind anonymous blogs and social media profiles. She seems to have A LOT of venom for everyone! #brionywolf #brionyluttig #sublimewitch #wolfheartfever  #sybellefoxcroft #cee4life #templetigers #celiaathumani #ohanavintagestyle #animalangelnetwork #rebeccarodriguez #rebeccaarodriguez #animaltimetv #animalhouse #indonesia #animalsofindonesia #cyberstalking #cyberbullying #bandungzoo #corruption #illegalwildlifetrade #indonesia #nogooddeedthefilm

Briony Wolf - Supporter of CEE4Life

Briony Wolf is a resident of Cape Town South Africa, although she has a account that indicates she lives in New York.  She seems to have a particular problem with rescuers who are fund-raising and receiving support and/or attention. She is a prolific poster on social media. She tweeted out the same slag piece aimed at me, more than 100 times, over a few days. Briony's MO is to first message you privately and ask you questions. She will seem kind and genuine. The questions and messages will get longer and more in-depth. Soon, she will ask inappropriate questions or request private information and if you refuse to answer or give in to her request, she will attack you openly and accuse you of having something to hide. When facts are presented to her, she claims they are lies and continues attacking. She has attacked, harassed and slandered numerous legitimate rescuers, some working in the most difficult parts of the world.  She also hides behind anonymous blog

The Venom and the Response

Best of the Worst from the smear blogs, Facebook pages and DMs posted and maintained by Sybelle Foxcroft, Celia Authmani and Briony Wolf... (threat courtesy of Ryan Patrick Bennett) "Sheeple of the world, awaken from your slumber! You are supporting an unethical, dishonest and delusional person."  "Rebecca hooked up with W Pooi Yee Holmes – a complete and utter nobody in the world of animal welfare with no animal-related qualifications ie zoology, animal husbandry, zoo keeping, animal activism – nothing – to create a petition to close down Bandung Zoo. We don’t know why these 2 bottom feeders are assisting each other." "She’s not very bright is she? Well, she goes by MANY names and we’re not quite sure why!" "Alycia Hadfield – another complete nobody in the animal welfare arena but a good friend of Rebecca’s whose interests also include filmmaking. Please note her staggering 18 followers – a clear indication of just how involved and imp