Sybelle Foxcroft Founder of CEE4Life


  • Sybelle Foxcroft is the Founder of CEE4Life, an NGO registered in Victoria, Australia.
  • She claims to live in Christmas Island City, Oceania, Australia and is from Southern Moreton Bay, Australia.
  • She claims to hold a double degree making her "an expert in wildlife protection, environmental management and animal care, ethics and welfare".
  • Sybelle's MO is to either aggressively push her way into a project or attempt to befriend the rescuer. She then mimics their work and takes credit by posting misleading statements about her involvement.
  • Sybelle is notorious for creating false profiles and having set-up conversations with her supporters. They plant questions and share their own blogs and pages with one another, feigning surprise and shock.
  • Sybelle is a DELETER!!! She will delete comments and questions raised by members of the public and will also delete her own comments. Her motto: "DELETE, BAN AND BLOCK"
  • She is rude and defensive when challenged and quickly moves to rework history, painting herself as a victim.
  • There are projects that show no resolution or simply drop off the map.
  • CEE4Life, between 2015-2016, spent only 7.059% on "animal care".
  • In the past, Sybelle has been charged with slander.
  • She claims to work primarily in Southeast Asia and India.
  • Many of the conflicts related to Sybelle and CEE4Life seem to be fueled by envy and greed.

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