Sybelle Foxcroft = 86 Dead Tigers




We have all been guilty of telling the occasional fib.

Then there is the incessant lies that finally pushed volunteers who used to work with and for Foxcroft's organisation Cee4life over the edge to go public with explosive revelations.

One of their revelations is, Sybelle Foxcroft who publicly preaches CITES and condemns trafficking of tiger parts, "trafficked" tiger's fur of Mek (also known as Harnfa) from the Tiger Temple!

Her hypocrisy did not end there. A young Tiger Temple volunteer was spotted on social media wearing a tigers' claw necklace and was unaware that she had breached CITES. This did not matter to Foxcroft, she wanted the young volunteer arrested by the Indonesian Customs and thrown into Bali jail. At the same time, she was "writing to the girl and pretended that she cared."

It was also revealed by ex-Cee4life volunteers that $40,000 donated to Foxcroft's organisation Cee4life for the upkeep of the confiscated tigers from Tiger Temple have yet to be accounted for. Many other items like paintings and jewellery donated for the tigers were never accounted for either.

Foxcroft had also been denied access to the tigers and had not seen them since June 2016. However, it did not deter her from fooling the public, including the National Geographic, claiming that she saw them in September 2017.

No matter how Foxcroft tries to spin her stories, plays the forever victim or how she exalts herself by vilifying and excoriating others, one thing is for sure, the silence from her regarding the funds raised for the tigers and her trafficking of tiger's part, is deafening.

She claims that she is devastated and had not forgotten about the tigers ( the 147 poor souls she condemned to the Department of National Park (DNP) by her recklessness. ), yet she has done nothing for the them. 86 of the tigers have since died in the Government facility.

Foxcroft also had a restraining order taken out against her by the ex-husband of one of the ex-volunteers for slandering him via social media.

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Thank you, Ledonna James and Donna Shaw for having the courage to speak out and for taking accountability.

A. Tiger

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