It's Not That Complicated

#SybelleFoxcroft #BrionyWolf and #CeliaAthumani of #CEE4Life have been cyber-stalking and harassing me for over a year. They write post after post on countless social media platforms, FALSELY accusing me and my animal rescue associates of the very things they are doing.

They LIE repeatedly.


They do next to NOTHING FOR ANIMALS.

They HURT ANIMALS through their constant harassment, ignorance and interference.

They have COUNTLESS LOOSE ENDS, MISSING MONEY AND UNANSWERED QUESTIONS. (Tony the Tiger, Khan the Tiger, Temple Tigers Money, Unchained Elephants, etc...)


And in taking a page from DONALD TRUMP'S PLAY BOOK, they think that that if they REPEAT A LIE OVER AND OVER - that is will make it true.  IT WILL NOT.

This is not a complicated situation as they want people to believe. It does not take dozens of social media pages and countless posts to describe this situation.

Here it is in 19 simple points:

1. I saw animals suffering in a broken situation at #BandungZoo.
2. I confirmed the situation with a reputable group.
3. I discovered that the animal suffering in Indonesia was widespread and dire.
4. As a filmmaker and advocate, I thought that I could help.
5. I raised money to travel over, along with a collection of other animal professionals.
6. #Cee4Life, an AUSTRALIA based NGO wrote me and asked for the funds I had raised.
7. I said that I would not send them money but that I would meet with them to examine their agenda and help them, if it made sense.
8. #Cee4Life began contacting my donors, asking them to pull their support.
9. #Cee4Life then posting numerous comments on my fund-raising campaign and a supporting petition, attempting to undermine my efforts.
10. I arrived in Indonesia and sought permission from the local government to offer my help to #BandungZoo.
11. Permission was granted by the local government.
12. #BandungZoo refused to meet with me and refused to hear my offer.
13. The next day #BandungZoo, #CEE4Life and the Indonesian Zoo Association publicly accused me of fraud on national television, which prompted people to call for my arrest.
14. I fled the country, in fear for my safety.
15. The remainder of my team stayed behind and discreetly kept moving through our agenda.
16. After consulting with my team and Animals Asia, I made an offer in writing to #BandungZoo to provide comfort care for the starving Sun Bears and to pay for a professional consultant to help them achieve best practices.
17. Bandung Zoo did not respond.
18. I then gave my funds to other animal groups in Indonesia.
19. #Cee4Life and its representatives have continued cyber-stalking, harassing and trolling me, my associates and all the individuals and groups that I have helped in Indonesia and around the world. All because I would not hand over my funds, that I raised for MY ANIMAL WORK, to their suspect, Austrailian NGO that claims to be a conservation group but simply capes for a deplorable zoo, that fails to provide proper care for the animals that they exploit and breed.

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