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Crazy Fan Girls Hurting Animals

#Sybelle Foxcroft, #Celia Athumani and #Briony Wolf (Luttig) of #CEE4Life, have been driving a targeted and cyber-bullying campaign against me and my associates for the past thirteen months. Yes, 13 MONTHS. Hundreds of posts on dozens of social media pages – calling me a liar, a con, a fraud, a thief, a p*ssy licker, a drunk, a coke-addict, etc… And then they have the audacity to whine about their sad state - blaming me for their lack of donations, their dwindling support, their failing organization, while they change and twist every fact to match their delusional narrative. If their meddling hadn’t led to unnecessary and prolonged suffering of animals, even the death of a dog who had lived at a shelter for twelve years, that I was desperately trying to free, I might be able to conjure up some sympathy. But alas, after THIRTEEN MONTHS of constant harassment, watching them tear apart other legitimate rescuers, watching them hide behind fake profiles while spewing lies, hate and