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"No Good Deed" a Documentary by filmmaker and animal advocate Rebecca Rodriguez

In 2017, life-long animal advocate and filmmaker Rebecca A. Rodriguez set out to help the animals of Indonesia. She was met with harassment, threats and slander from the Indonesia Zoo Association and a so-called animal conservation non-profit out of Australia.
Thinly veiled, behind anonymous blogs and social media pages, the group relentlessly attacked Rodriguez, her associates and rescue projects around the world. A smear effort, coordinated by individuals in five different countries, yielded numerous posts, tweets and articles filled with blatant lies, gross insults and misleading information. While the attack seemed personal, it was anything but. This was about money and envy, and not the first time these individuals had worked to destroy the honest efforts of other rescuers.
Rodriguez soon discovered that numerous legitimate rescuers and organizations around the world had fallen victim to similar attacks and smear campaigns. Driven by greed, envy and blind ignorance, these so-called…

They Should Start With Simple Math

Sybelle Foxcroft, Briony Wolf Luttig and Celia Athumani want to "keep it real. And simple."
$65,000 is not the same at $53,531. 
It's simple arithmetic.

Another Bald-Faced Lie About Breeding at Bandung Zoo...Courtesy of CEE4Life

On numerous occasions, the representatives of CEE4Life (Sybelle Foxcroft, Briony Wolf aka Briony Luttig and Celia Athumani), have told their supporters that there is no breeding of the captive animals at the Bandung Zoo.

But the truth is...

Despite their inadequate habitats and their insufficient resources to care for the animals properly, Bandung Zoo continues to breed animals into a life of exploitation. In just the past year, they have added numerous animals to their collection through breeding.

All of this, with the blessing and support of CEE4Life, Bandung Zoo's exclusive NGO partner.

Sybelle Foxcroft, Briony Wolf and Celia Athumani of CEE4Life are can take their word for it.

1. I go to Italy to help 150 dogs that are being held in sequester by a Mayor who won't fulfill his promises to build a new shelter.
2. I offer to help for free. The Mayor fails to respond to my offer because he doesn't want to keep his promises.
3. I create a video and petition campaign to respectfully ask that the Mayor fulfill his promises.
4. Sybelle Foxcroft, Celia Athumani and Briony Wolf Luttig of CEE4Life learn of this project and take it upon themselves to contact the Mayor, in an effort to interfere and undermine my efforts. They don't offer to help. They don't do anything except spread lies about me and attempt to damage my credibility.

5. In the meantime, the animals continue to suffer and I continue to look for ways to force the Mayor to fulfill his promises.

6. Zinna, a dog that I was desperately trying to get released from the shelter and place in a forever home, dies after being trapped at the shelter for 12 years. 

7. Now, Sybelle Foxcroft, Celia Athum…

Wikipedia is NOT Your Personal Blog

Sybelle Foxcroft, Briony Luttig Wolf and Celia Athumani of CEE4Life, seem to think that Wikipedia is one of their slag blogs where they can post poorly informed opinions, unverifiable musings, and outright lies aimed at harassing me. I know they follow this blog religiously so I decided to take this opportunity to point out some important FACTS about Wikipedia.

1. According to Wikipedia...

"Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia, written collaboratively by the people who use it."

2. According to Wikipedia, an encyclopedia is...

"...a reference work or compendium providing summaries of information from either all branches of knowledge or from a particular field or discipline." 

In addition..."encyclopedia articles focus on factual information concerning the subject named in the article’s title."

3. According to Wikipedia, "factual" is...(now this is an important one…

The Absence of Originality

Sybelle Foxcroft and Briony Wolf of CEE4Life discover my upcoming documentary "No Good Deed". They respond with a tired threat and news that they are making a movie.

Fifteen months ago Sybelle Foxcroft of CEE4Life made a commitment to the animals at Bandung Zoo. Instead of focusing on fulfilling her promises, she has devoted the past twelve months to harassing, stalking and libeling me. THIS is what a real "waste of time and energy" looks like.  
And I'm curious, in referring to me as a "Harvey Wienstien" (which is spelled Weinstein btw), is Foxcroft implying that I am a successful film producer or a sexual predator?
Spoiler alert...Sybelle is already a year into her "life's mission" of taking us "apart, piece by piece". For twelve months we have been dealing with her pathetic whirlwind of delusions, lies and destruction. CEE4Life and its volunteers are the only bullies and liars in this story.
And here is a statement from one of CE…

The Curious Case of Khan, a Tiger from Kuwait

In October 2013, A story is posted about a tiger named Khan that is living at a zoo in Kuwait and is in need of a "new home". On October 23, 2013 Sybelle Foxcroft of CEE4Life responds.

October 26th, 2013 CEE4Life states that Khan is now being "rehomed" in the "coming weeks". People express their excitement to see him in his new home. A follower asks about where he is going but the question goes unanswered.
Then nothing.

Then on September 10th and 16th of 2015, almost two years after the first post about Khan, Sybelle posts again that Khan will soon be "rehomed".

September 17, 2015, Sybelle Foxcroft of CEE4Life states that after "two years" Khan will be "rehomed very, very soon" to a sanctuary in the United States. 

December 2015 CEE4Life asks for donations to help relocate Khan.

Then nothing.

In March 2018, five years after the first time Khan was supposed to be rehomed and two and half years after the second time he was supposed to…

FYI: The Truth Behind the GoFundMe Funds

Many lies have been disseminated by Sybelle Foxcroft, Celia Athumani and Briony Luttig Wolf of Cee4Life, about the funds that I raised through GoFundMe to help the animals of Indonesia. 
You might be interested to know that...
I raised $53,531 via GoFundMe.
I utilized the funds for the following...
In May 2017, I provided funds to cover the expenses of Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group’s protest demonstration and petition delivery.
In June 2017, I sent a team of five professionals, including myself, to Indonesia on a fact-finding trip. Funds were utilized to cover all travel expenses including vaccines, food, lodging, in-country airfare, ground transportation/drivers, emergency airfare for Rebecca, admissions/tours, interpreters, travel supplies, etc… international airfare was donated.
During the visit to Indonesia my team... a. Captured basic footage and photographs of various animal establishments
b. Attempted to assist the Sun Bears at Bandung Zoo. We were met with refusal from Band…