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It's Not That Complicated

#SybelleFoxcroft #BrionyWolf and #CeliaAthumani of #CEE4Life have been cyber-stalking and harassing me for over a year. They write post after post on countless social media platforms, FALSELY accusing me and my animal rescue associates of the very things they are doing. They LIE repeatedly. They MISREPRESENT and TWIST THE FACTS. They do next to NOTHING FOR ANIMALS. They HURT ANIMALS through their constant harassment, ignorance and interference. They have COUNTLESS LOOSE ENDS, MISSING MONEY AND UNANSWERED QUESTIONS. (Tony the Tiger, Khan the Tiger, Temple Tigers Money, Unchained Elephants, etc...) They obviously don't see the shear comedy and hypocrisy of HIDING (UNSUCCESSFULLY) BEHIND FAKE PROFILES - WHILE DEMANDING TRANSPARENCY OF OTHERS. And in taking a page from DONALD TRUMP'S PLAY BOOK, they think that that if they REPEAT A LIE OVER AND OVER - that is will make it true.  IT WILL NOT. This is not a complicated situation as they want people to belie