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Hey There Stalkers...

#BrionyWolf #BrionyLuttig #BrionyWolfLuttig #SybelleFoxcroft #CEE4Life #CeliaAthumani #RyanPatrickBennett, you clearly spend a great deal of time tracking my every move so I thought I’d save you the effort and give you the heads up on my newest website (I know how much you love my websites). Welcome to Animal Centric ! You’ll be happy to know that I’m starting up my podcast again so be sure to turn-in – you might learn something. Heck, maybe it will inspire you to get out there and help an animal or two instead of...well...stalking/harassing me. And get this – the targeted-harassment campaign that you have maintained against me for 18 months and counting, has shaped up to be one of the most fanatical and prolific cyber-bullying / cyber-stalking campaign in the world of animal rescue. This is exactly the kind of thing that makes for a GREAT  documentary ! And I’m sure you’ll be disappointed to learn, because you were going for complete annihilation, but this mess

My Personal "Donald Trumps"

Currently, the political climate in America is disturbing. Donald Trump, a garish, shallow, greedy man, managed to capture the highest office and uses his platform to spew hated, lies, half-truths and distractions via social media. All in an attempt to appear stronger, smarter and more capable than everyone else. Trump pathetically seeks attention and validation by painting himself as a victim. He relays conversations that never happened, he makes claims that are blatantly untrue, he ignores facts that don’t fit his narrative, dismissing them as “fake news”, and he unapologetically flaunts his racist and sexist nature. He is obsessed, unstable and has mastered the art of misdirection by ACCUSING OTHERS OF COMMITTING TRANSGRESSIONS THAT HE HIMSELF IS COMMITTING.  #SybelleFoxcroft #BrionyWolf #CeliaAthumani #RyanPatrickBennett of #CEE4Life are my personal Donald Trumps . It's been 17 months since they began cyber-stalking and harassing myself and my animal rescue as