My Personal "Donald Trumps"

Currently, the political climate in America is disturbing. Donald Trump, a garish, shallow, greedy man, managed to capture the highest office and uses his platform to spew hated, lies, half-truths and distractions via social media. All in an attempt to appear stronger, smarter and more capable than everyone else.

Trump pathetically seeks attention and validation by painting himself as a victim. He relays conversations that never happened, he makes claims that are blatantly untrue, he ignores facts that don’t fit his narrative, dismissing them as “fake news”, and he unapologetically flaunts his racist and sexist nature. He is obsessed, unstable and has mastered the art of misdirection by ACCUSING OTHERS OF COMMITTING TRANSGRESSIONS THAT HE HIMSELF IS COMMITTING. 

#SybelleFoxcroft #BrionyWolf #CeliaAthumani #RyanPatrickBennett of #CEE4Life are my personal Donald Trumps.

It's been 17 months since they began cyber-stalking and harassing myself and my animal rescue associates and in that time they have...

1. Created and distributed countless hateful, dishonest posts, over several social media platforms, which has translated to over 1200 pages of screenshots. Often created using fake profiles, they cross-post, comment and feign surprise about the discovery of their posts.
2. Completely ignored, disregarded or twisted all explanations and evidence refuting their false claims.
3. Attacked struggling animal organizations that I have helped in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Italy and Indonesia.
4. Caused the death and continued suffering of animals by interfering in my work.
5. Posted gross, sexual and racist comments about myself and my associates.
6. Registered P. Holmes and I on porn sites and then accused us of doing it to them.
7. Posted support for the animal abusers that I am fighting against, without any regard for the animals that they are hurting.

Like Trump, these people are drowning in envy, blind to their own ineptitude, ignorant to the workings of this arena and starving for attention. They are petty, racist, sexist and failing at their jobs.

And that is why they hate us.

We represent all that they want to be and will NEVER be. They disparage and belittle my real and verifiable accomplishments because they have no significant accomplishments of their own.  And the fact that I am Hispanic and P. Holmes is Chinese, obviously grinds on their racist souls.

In my opinion, #CEE4Life, is a sham of an organization and #SybelleFoxcroft is no conservationist. She, like Trump, is a con artist, pandering to her base of supporters, unable to stand up to the scrutiny of the outside world. And #CeliaAthumani, #BrionyWolf and #RyanPatrickBennett are her Alex Jones - parroting her lies, conspiracy theories and madness in hopes that no one will notice that they are empty, clueless and failing.

The trailer for my upcoming documentary “No Good Deed” is coming soon.

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