Hey There Stalkers...

#BrionyWolf #BrionyLuttig #BrionyWolfLuttig #SybelleFoxcroft #CEE4Life #CeliaAthumani #RyanPatrickBennett, you clearly spend a great deal of time tracking my every move so I thought I’d save you the effort and give you the heads up on my newest website (I know how much you love my websites).

Welcome to Animal Centric!

You’ll be happy to know that I’m starting up my podcast again so be sure to turn-in – you might learn something. Heck, maybe it will inspire you to get out there and help an animal or two instead of...well...stalking/harassing me.

And get this – the targeted-harassment campaign that you have maintained against me for 18 months and counting, has shaped up to be one of the most fanatical and prolific cyber-bullying / cyber-stalking campaign in the world of animal rescue. This is exactly the kind of thing that makes for a GREAT documentary!

And I’m sure you’ll be disappointed to learn, because you were going for complete annihilation, but this mess has actually bolstered my credentials. I guess when you pair 30 years of verifiable experience working for animals, with being the target of an obsessive, long-lasting harassment campaign, one becomes uniquely qualified to consult regarding the disposition and temperament of animal people. 

I have been lucky enough to encounter and work alongside some of the most dedicated and loving people in animal rescue and now, I have also encountered the other end of the spectrum. People who are grossly dishonest, racist, sexist, envious, hateful and unbelievably ignorant. You don't even care about the animals that suffer and die because of your actions but yet feel qualified to call yourself  "animal warriors". Utterly disgusting.

You all have a history of attacking other rescuers but with me, you really took it up a notch. But even with the hundreds of insulting posts - over countless social media pages, your endless stream of fake and laughable profiles, your crude, sexist and racist insults and your complete inability (or is it unwillingness) to embrace the facts, you still failed to stop me from helping animals.

And lastly, how goes that Sun Bear enclosure at Bandung Zoo? I've lost track of the number of times you said it would be complete and I see the elephants are still chained up. If only you had not lied to Bandung Zoo about me and my intentions. If only they had been willing to meet with me or accept my offer for help - perhaps there would be a little less suffering at that hellhole. Looks like you need to get back to work. 

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