The Curious Case of Khan, a Tiger from Kuwait

In October 2013, A story is posted about a tiger named Khan that is living at a zoo in Kuwait and is in need of a "new home". On October 23, 2013 Sybelle Foxcroft of CEE4Life responds.

October 26th, 2013 CEE4Life states that Khan is now being "rehomed" in the "coming weeks". People express their excitement to see him in his new home. A follower asks about where he is going but the question goes unanswered.

Then nothing.

Then on September 10th and 16th of 2015, almost two years after the first post about Khan, Sybelle posts again that Khan will soon be "rehomed".

September 17, 2015, Sybelle Foxcroft of CEE4Life states that after "two years" Khan will be "rehomed very, very soon" to a sanctuary in the United States. 

December 2015 CEE4Life asks for donations to help relocate Khan.

Then nothing.

In March 2018, five years after the first time Khan was supposed to be rehomed and two and half years after the second time he was supposed to be rehomed, I discovered that Khan is still in Kuwait. 

It seems that CEE4Life has a history of projects that simply fall away without explanations or conclusions.  


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