FYI: The Truth Behind the GoFundMe Funds

Many lies have been disseminated by Sybelle Foxcroft, Celia Athumani and Briony Luttig Wolf of Cee4Life, about the funds that I raised through GoFundMe to help the animals of Indonesia. 

You might be interested to know that...

I raised $53,531 via GoFundMe.

I utilized the funds for the following...

In May 2017, I provided funds to cover the expenses of Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group’s protest demonstration and petition delivery.

In June 2017, I sent a team of five professionals, including myself, to Indonesia on a fact-finding trip. Funds were utilized to cover all travel expenses including vaccines, food, lodging, in-country airfare, ground transportation/drivers, emergency airfare for Rebecca, admissions/tours, interpreters, travel supplies, etc… international airfare was donated.

During the visit to Indonesia my team...
a. Captured basic footage and photographs of various animal establishments
b. Attempted to assist the Sun Bears at Bandung Zoo. We were met with refusal from Bandung Zoo.
c. Rescued two young otters, Bubble and Squeak, from the illegal pet trade and transported them to a reputable wildlife sanctuary. Made a financial contribution.
d. Rescued two, five-week-old kittens off the street and transported them to a reputable cat sanctuary. Made a financial contribution.
e. Paid for the veterinary care of an injured, captive monkey.
f.  Met with numerous Indonesia based animal welfare groups and rescuers.
g. Donated rescue gear to an animal group in Central Java.
h. Contributed specialty electronics to animal rights activists.

Since returning from Indonesia we have …
a. Provided funding for the building of an Animal Reading House in Sumatra. This is a project of Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group.
b. Provided funds for a television and DVD player for the Animal Reading House in Sumatra.
c. Provided travel funds for the books to be delivered from Jakarta to Sumatra.
d. Purchased approx 230 animal and environmental books for the Animal Reading House.
e. Purchased approx 60 DVDs for the Animal Reading House.
f. Funded the formation of the Indonesia Animal Welfare Society (IAWS), an organization that plans to take the lead on humane education in Indonesia.
g. Purchased and shipped a laptop for use by IAWS
h. Secured a relationship for IAWS with the National Humane Education Society in the United States.
i. Funded several upcoming classroom presentations that will be conducted by IAWS.
j. Funded the website/logo creation for IAWS.
k. Funded an investigation at Bandung Zoo to confirm claims made by CEE4Life, Bandung Zoos exclusive NGO partner, who stated that the elephants were unchained, bull hooks were retired and renovations had started on the Sun Bear enclosure.
l. Produced and distributed the Bandung Zoo investigation videos showing that the claims made by CEE4Life were FALSE.
m. Produced, distributed and launched a “Boycott Indonesia Tourism” 
n. Made donations to the organizations caring for Bubble and Squeak and the two kittens.
o. Shipped books and movies to Indonesia.
p. Contributed to the transportation costs related to retrieving the books from customs.
q. Provided cash donations to a small collection of animal efforts in Indonesia. I am unwilling to share the specifics due to the fact that the "animal rescue deceivers" go after everyone I help.

The specifics of my GoFundMe campaign, including receipts of my spending, were reviewed by GoFundMe and they found NO WRONG DOING ON MY PART. 

Due to the constant harassment by #Sybelle Foxcroft, #Celia Athumani and #Briony Luttig Wolf of #Cee4Life, I ended my fundraiser short of reaching my goal which translated to my being unable to finish my work in Indonesia.

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