The Venom and the Response

Best of the Worst from the smear blogs, Facebook pages and DMs posted and maintained by Sybelle Foxcroft, Celia Authmani and Briony Wolf... (threat courtesy of Ryan Patrick Bennett)

"Sheeple of the world, awaken from your slumber! You are supporting an unethical, dishonest and delusional person." 

"Rebecca hooked up with W Pooi Yee Holmes – a complete and utter nobody in the world of animal welfare with no animal-related qualifications ie zoology, animal husbandry, zoo keeping, animal activism – nothing – to create a petition to close down Bandung Zoo. We don’t know why these 2 bottom feeders are assisting each other."

"She’s not very bright is she? Well, she goes by MANY names and we’re not quite sure why!"

"Alycia Hadfield – another complete nobody in the animal welfare arena but a good friend of Rebecca’s whose interests also include filmmaking. Please note her staggering 18 followers – a clear indication of just how involved and important she is relating to animals."

"This nasty group of evil miscreants are referred to as cockroaches!"

"Bandung Zoo is in the process of upgrading the Zoo and working hard to provide the animals with a better quality of life. Previously the owner fell very ill and the Zoo passed into the hands of the inexperienced son." (Note: CEE4Life also says that the bears were "never starving".

"Here is Alycia, Rebecca's good friend...with her Halloween makeup on. Isn't Halloween over?"

"Yes, she truly believes she is the all knowing Messiah!"

"Is this the DUMB and DUMBER show?"

"The cockroach club has definitely now been re-named. We will refer to them from now on as the 🐯 👅 COVEN."

"Why the hell aren't you helping the ANIMALS in your OWN COUNTRY instead of trying to get FAMOUS pretending to HELP animals in OTHER COUNTRIES??"

"Poor Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World is getting her tits in a tangle right now!"

"Rebecca you are dumb as fuck! You just can't seem to help yourself!" 


My Response to All Accusations and Claims...

“The Heat of Change Brings Demons…”
This is what one of my donors sent to me when I was fleeing Indonesia. This quote, from an author I cannot remember, has never been truer than it is right now. I fight for the welfare of animals and where there are animals in need, there are usually people who are responsible for suffering. When I show up, I look to identify the problems and develop solutions and I ask people to do better. Sometimes they say yes and sometimes they say no. And sometimes they attempt to drag you into hell with libelous blogs and Facebook pages filled with lies, twisted facts, insults, and venom.
I have a great deal of respect for all my supporters and it pains me to think that you would be harassed for simply trying to help animals and for believing in me. Last week, I received a message from one of my supporters alerting me to an email sent to her by Alice Susan Harding, containing a link to a smear blog. So this past weekend I did something I would not normally do, I read through all the smear blogs and pages that CEE4Life, Sybelle Foxcroft, Celia Athumani, Briony Wolf, Paula McKenzie-Munin, Alice Susan Harding and Dominick Mezzapesa have posted about me. I made a list of all their claims and grieves and have responded to each one. Many of their issues are posted on all the pages but I only address each grievance once. It’s important to note that these people are working in concert. They know one another and have done this type of thing before, to other rescuers. They cross-post their blogs and pages to give the impression of legitimacy and then take pride in damaging fundraising efforts.
After this post, I will not present you with information or explanations about these people again. And I will not offer them any additional information. Instead, I will go back to focusing on my efforts for our animal friends in Indonesia. And while this update is a drag, I have some amazing things to share in the coming week. So for those who have questions, I invite you to read this very lengthy post and for those who have no interest, feel free to skip it.
With all my gratitude…
Smear Facebook Page – Reb Rodrobber
1. Mikey the Orphaned Orangutan has been mentioned a few times in this campaign. He is currently living in a zoo, in a cage that is too small. I have some funds set aside for this project that came in through this fundraiser and I am working to gather more funds through a separate GFM, that is dedicated solely to Mikey with the recipient being the NGO that is overseeing this project. Because Mikey is being kept at a zoo, it is important to understand the specifics of his captivity, what the plans are for him in the future and what the overall plans are for this zoo. There is a trusted, Indonesia based NGO working on this project and I would like to provide the support needed while remaining true to the values of this effort. This project is ongoing and will be updated as more information is gathered.
2. The photograph posted of me picking up a wine bottle and tagged with an implication that I am drinking excessively is actually a picture of me picking up litter on the beach. See actual photo attached.
3. And despite what the other photo suggests, I am not going bald. The exciting aspect of that picture was that it was taken during a TNR event where we trapped, spayed/neutered and returned 173 cats in 3 days! And even if I was bald, I would still be helping animals.
4. On on 10/27/2017, the author of this blog posted a link to a report by Wild Welfare along with the statement, “absolute undeniable proof the Sun Bears were never starving.” I will be doing an entire update regarding this article and it most certainly DOES NOT indicate that the Sun Bears were never starving. Here is the article if you would like to read it.…/
5. I am not working directly at Bandung Zoo (not for lack of trying) but I am most certainly helping the animals at Bandung Zoo by holding the zoo management and their NGO partner CEE4Life accountable for their claims and promises.
6. I am not inciting hate again CEE4Life and Sybelle Foxcroft. I am presenting the facts behind their claims and I have no control how people respond to being lied to about the care that animals are receiving.
7. I did not have authorization from the zoo to conduct a fundraiser because I DIDN’T NEED THEIR AUTHORIZATION. This was NOT a fundraiser for Bandung Zoo, this was a fundraiser for One Animal World to help the animals of Indonesia.
8. I am quoted as stating that “funds earmarked for the direct care of the animals will be delivered personally by us.” This is a correct statement and because Bandung Zoo refused our assistance, we are delivering funds to other animals in need and there are certainly plenty.
9. It is correct that “the Sun Bears or any other animals in the zoo received zero funds.” Sadly, animals do not have the ability to receive and spend money. In this case, it is Bandung Zoo management and their “exclusive” NGO partner, CEE4Life, that must facilitate any funds that arrive for the animals. Unfortunately, Bandung Zoo management is inept and suspect, not to mention, they refused our assistance. And CEE4Life is erratic, dishonest, unreliable NGO. SEE #5
10. As indicated in the fundraiser, funds were spent on the travel expenses of my team. This included food, lodging, in-country airfare (international airfare was donated), ground transportation, two interpreters, travel vaccines, etc…
11. I have NOT stolen from animals. Period.
12. I do help animals in my own country. Recently, helped raise and place seven puppies, I helped an organization secure additional animal transfer partners and I am currently fostering two special needs dogs from Puerto Rico.
13. I have NEVER referred to myself as a “Messiah”. This was a phrase coined by Sybelle Foxcroft.
14. There are numerous claims that I am raising money for a film production. It is documented that I planned to use a portion of this fundraiser to help create an in-county television series about animal rescue, in their local language. As for a “film”, I have not begun raising money – yet.
15. As I have said many times in the past, most animal problems are people problems. And in the case of Sandy Carbaugh, she was part of the problem. As a board member of a small non-profit in Oregon, Sandy was one of the individuals responsible for the direction of the group. In the process of considering helping her group build a new shelter, we found that the organization was warehousing animals and turning away strays, which was in violation of animal abandonment laws. Instead of righting the ship, so to speak, Sandy walked away from the group and announced that she wanted to be a filmmaker. We reported what we found to their City and County partners which created a great deal of turmoil and resulted in the organization losing its contract. Several months later, when I was getting ready to shoot my pilot episode for Animal House, Sandy asked to volunteer on set. I reluctantly said yes, which turned out to be a mistake. Sandy was helpful in some respects but the situation ended poorly due to her unfortunate choices involving alcohol and a lack of professionalism. ADDITION: Now, both the City / County of Tillamook and Othello, Washington have successful animal rescue programs that are serving the community and saving more animals than ever before.
16. I am not behind the Facebook page CEE4Lies although I do comment on the page often because it is a place where comments do not get deleted as they do when one tries to respond on Facebook to CEE4Life or Sybelle Foxcroft.
17. I respect the work that Dr. Daniel Allen has done and continues to do for animals. He has integrity and genuine compassion for animals. People gravitate to him and he inspires them to find the kindness in themselves. He is respectful, trustworthy and kind. I am honored to have him be a part of my projects.
18. Miguel Abi-Hassan is an intelligent and inspirational individual who understand the complexities of the animal welfare arena. He is respected and effective and I am honored to have him be a part of my projects.
19. I would have LOVED to film the removal of the Sun Bears and to show the world a happy ending them.
20. Prior to myself and P. Holmes joining forces, she had done a great deal of work around the idea and hope of relocating the Sun Bears to a sanctuary. She secured a place for all the Sun Bears and informed Sybelle of in an exchange through the petition.
21. Poh and I became acquainted in February 2017 and began working together on this project in March 2017. Poh is not part of my "team" but functions independently and sometimes, in concert with my efforts.
22. During my visit to Indonesia, we did not rent a “luxury van”. We rented a small touring van that could comfortably hold eight people and our luggage/gear (myself + 4, guide, 2 interpreters, driver).
23. Aside from constantly mocking Poh’s name by changing the “h” to an “o”, CEE4Life and the other bloggers suggest that Poh is in some way sordid because she uses several variations of her name. She does use variations of her Chinese name in the same way most people refer to themselves or are referred to by others with truncated or abbreviated versions of their name. Her full name is Poh Yee Ooi-Holmes. She uses P Holmes, P Ooi-Holmes, Py Holmes and PY Ooi-Holmes. She uses four variations, not twelve as Alice Susan Harding suggests.
24. I am not an aspiring actress and filmmaker. Twenty years ago, I did commercial acting in Portland, Oregon (Hewlett Packard, Intel, Toys R Us, Southwest Airlines, etc…) I left acting in 1998 and began writing with the intentions of eventually directing. I made my first two short films in 2000 and since then have made several films, commercials, music videos, short videos, one series pilot and one award-winning feature film. I am often in my own rescue videos because I am qualified and available.
25. The Wildlife Planet smear blog is operated by an individual who is friends with Sybelle Foxcroft and the other individuals behind the blogs and Facebook pages. They want people to believe that this is an independent “investigation” but they in fact instigated this article. Incidentally, this person never contacted me prior to writing his smear piece.
26. CEE4Life and their followers like to disparage and mock the Animal Reading House project as being “pathetic”. As you all know, this Reading House will help to inspire and educate people living in one of the most environmentally sensitive areas in the world. This is a wonderful project by Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group (SWTMG) and I am honored to have been able to fund this with the help of all my donors. SWTMG requested the books in English and they selected the design of the reading house. We trust their judgment and fully support their wishes.
27. Regarding my failed short documentary film project “How Could She”. Following the 2016 Presidential election in the United States, I was shocked. Women played a key role in the election of Donald Trump and I wanted to explore the voting choices of women across the country. The turmoil surrounding the election twisted and swirled into all types of madness and the exact subject matter seemed to become somewhat irrelevant before I could raise my funds. All contributions were returned to contributors.
28. Yes, I did cause trouble with my “sting” video. Had CEE4Life and Sybelle Foxcroft not lied about caring for the animals, then perhaps there would not be any trouble.
29. I did not make a commercial for GoDaddy. I shot a commercial for a SuperBowl contest and the client was GoDaddy. And this was before it was known that GoDaddy’s owner is a big game hunter. I am currently still a client of GoDaddy but have been working to move to another website platform. Unfortunately, it is a lengthy process as I must learn a new web building interface before I can move everything out of GoDaddy.
30. I am not a…# cokeaddict # drugs # druggie # unethical # fake
31. As posted on the fundraiser and on the One Animal World website, OAW is a for-profit company and is a subsidiary of my company Reb Rod, LLC. Even though I am a for-profit, I give considerably more of the money I raise to help animals, than most NGOs, including CEE4Life. My company Reb Rod, LLC also owns Lucky Head Films, which is the company I use when I shoot commercials and industrial videos for other companies. Reb Rod, LLC also owns Evac Pet, which sells the animal evacuation product that I developed.
32. I did not claim that there were lactating bears at Bandung Zoo. I referenced to an article from Nat Geo Online where a Sun Bear expert visited the zoo and was quoted as saying that she saw what appeared to be lactating Sun Bears but no cubs.…/wildlife-watch-indon…/
33. I have never claimed to be an expert in Sun Bears but I am an expert in knowing what I don’t know and finding knowledgeable and capable people to assist me with my efforts.
34. The otters Bubble and Squeak were NOT purchased. And with any rescued animal, I took them to individuals who were skilled in caring for otters. Because Wanicare is an experienced wildlife rescue organization, they are accustomed to dealing with animals that are ill and/or injured. As expected they quarantined the otters and followed their own protocol to keep all the animals safe.
35. I am not hungry for attention but I do believe in sharing my accomplishment and the specifics of my animal work in hopes of inspiring others to be more compassionate and aware.
36. I am not dumb as f*ck or a complete loser. In fact, I am quite smart and despite leaving high school at 16, I have accomplished more for animals than most.
Smear Blog – Charity Scam (additional grievances not addressed above)
1. Alycia was the individual in the shower with Bubble who was so filthy and desperate for water. Bubble was also tame which you can see when Daniel is holding her and drying her off. Bubble was NOT distressed. And yes, this was exactly the way to treat a sensitive wild animal, under the circumstances. And releasing a wild animal requires planning and a full understanding of the animals in queston. This was best left to the experts at Wanicare.
2. The sponsors of Animal House TV are posted on this page. I’m not sure why this is being framed as something sordid because I did in fact secured donations of goods and/or services from these companies for the Adams County Pet Rescue shelter.
3. I don’t know anything about the “No Dog Meat Trade” situation with Dr. Daniel Allen but I trust his judgment and integrity, completely.
Smear Blog Article - Wildlife Planet (additional grievances not addressed above)
1. I am a filmmaker and therefore, I am always shopping a show, script or film. This is what filmmakers do. They develop ideas into filmable projects and the try to get them produced. It just so happens that I develop and shop projects that will help raise awareness about animals.
2. I did not manipulate the facts about myself or my resume. What is stated is what is true.
3. If advancing my career as a filmmaker enables me to help more animals, then yes, I would like to advance my career as a filmmaker.
4. The author of this blog raises questions about my “team”. The information related to these individuals is outlined across several updates on the GFM page.
5. The author of this blog raises a question about my statement… “We will be capturing video footage if possible”. Having never been to Indonesia or the Bandung Zoo, I did not know what would or would not be possible. That is why I said “possible”. In the end, my team was able to capture video footage.
6. The author asks me to list one “inspirational way” I intend to “produce positive change”. There are several but here, as requested, is one: I will be building a library in Sumatra to help inspire compassion and raise environmental awareness in a region that is being decimated by poachers and illegal logging.
Smear Blog #3 - TruthSeeker (additional grievances not addressed above)
1. I am a “critically acclaimed” filmmaker in that my film work has been positively reviewed by a variety of critics.
2. Moving the Sun Bears to a sanctuary was PART of the mission.
3. I am not aware if I have been reported me to the Attorney General or the FBI but I welcome their scrutiny as I have done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide. My GFM campaign has certainly been scrutinized by GFM and they found no discrepancies.
4. Poh is an amazing person that gives of her free to time to champion animal causes and to support other rescuers.
5. Alycia is also an amazing person that gives her all to animals and has made a difference in the lives of hundreds of animals and families. And she only has 18 followers on Twitter because she doesn’t care about that platform.
6. After all that has unfolded, I am most certainly planning to do a documentary. I will begin my fundraising efforts later. A documentary can be a powerful tool for change and change for the animals of Indonesia is desperately needed.
7. Before going to Indonesia, I had ideas about what was happening there. These ideas were based on articles I had read and conversations with other rescuers. That is why I planned a fact-finding trip, so I could better understand what was happening and learn how to help.
8. I know very little about the Temple Tigers situation.
9. CEE4Life and Sybelle Foxcroft list an explanation as to why the Sun Bears were locked away and I simply don’t believe them. This is the same group that issued a FALSE statement of “success” in unchaining the elephants at Bandung Zoo.
10. The twitter feed posted on this blog is in fact mine. It reflects my feeling and frustrations with the current political climate in the United States. I apologize if any of you are offended by my colorful language.
11. The claim that I own 102 domains is inaccurate. I currently own 63 domains. Some belong to on-going clients, some belong to non-profit groups I have helped and some belong to me. Each of my films and projects has the associated domains including all the relevant extensions (.com, .net, .tv, .info, etc…)
12. The Bandung Zoo refused to meet with me and refused my entry to the zoo. The Indonesian zoo association (PKBSI) sent a message to all the zoos in the country, that I was to be refused entry and that they must not accept my help. Then, they went on national television and accused me of fraud and of refusing to help the Sun Bears. This compromised my physical safety and forced me to leave the country. There are links to the local stories of this event on this page. It is important to note that the Tony Samampau, the owner of three safari parks and a gross and cruel Dolphin Show, is the Secretary-General of the zoo association and is associated with CEE4Life.
13. This blog states that “Rebecca” is “winning” in 5 ways.
-she is accumulating funds gifted to her – this is accurate as this is the nature of GFM.
-this money is tax-free – I don’t know that this is accurate but I’ll let you know.
-she is funding her documentary and filming objectives – I am not funding my documentary from this campaign. That will happen separately. As indicated in earlier updates, I hope to reach the full goal of my fundraiser and intend to utilize some of the funds to help in the development of the Indonesia based television series about animal rescue.
-gets to sell it at a profit – profits from the television series that will be based in Indonesia will benefit local NGOs.
-is using donor’s money to do it! – this is an accurate statement
14. Claim: “Bandung Zoo were aware of Ms Rodriguez raising funds for the sun bears of Bandung Zoo.”
Response: I cannot comment on what Bandung Zoo was or wasn’t aware of as they refused to meet with me when I arrived in Indonesia. I have been told that they knew but they have not communicated with me directly.
15. Claim: “Bandung Zoo knew the film Ms Rodriguez was using came from the Scorpion Group”
Response: Everyone knew this and I used the “Starving Sun Bears” video with full permission from Scorpion.
16. Claim: “Bandung Zoo knew that Ms Rodriguez had raised many funds heading towards $50000 US.”
Response: Again, I cannot comment on what Bandung Zoo knew or didn’t know as they refused to meet with me when I arrived in Indonesia.
17. Claim: “Bandung Zoo Management refused Ms Rodriguez to film in the zoo due to incorrect application process.”
Response: This is not accurate. Bandung Zoo refused to meet with me when I arrived in Indonesia, locked me out of the zoo, locked up the poor Sun Bears in a dark cage, so no one could see them, and publicly accused me of fraud. This was NOT a paperwork issue. This was a corruption issue.
18. Claim: “Bandung Zoo were informed by their team members that Ms Rodriguez had not responded to efforts asking her to join in with helping the zoo and stated that she is not giving the money.”
Response: Sybelle Foxcroft of CEE4Life, first asked me to forward my funds to her and then she asked me to forward them to the zoo. I indicated that I would not simply hand over money without first understanding the problems and learn of the plans. And because Bandung Zoo refused to meet with me when I arrived in Indonesia, locked me out of the zoo, locked up the poor Sun Bears in a dark cage, so no one could see them, publicly accused me of fraud and later refused my offer of assistance, I’m pretty sure they did not want me to “join in with helping”. No team member has ever contacted me directly to request anything else.
19. Claim: “Bandung Zoo stated that if Ms Rodriguez wanted to film in Bandung Zoo and compare a developing country zoo to a developed countries zoos was very unfair.”
Response: Being in a developing country should not justify cruelty, neglect or poor practices. Kindness and consideration is a choice available to all at every level. For the zoo management to make bad choices that impact the animals at Bandung Zoo, THAT IS NOT FAIR. And for CEE4Life to issue lies about their accomplishments at the zoo, THAT IS NOT FAIR.
20. Claim: “Ms Rodriguez was informed to make an application for entry and filming in the zoo to the Ministry BKSDA.”
Response: Yes, this was the recommendation of Sybelle Foxcroft and that is exactly what I intended to do after I arrived in Indonesia and established if I would be granted permission to offer my assistance at the zoo, if the zoo was willing to accept my assistance and if the zoo was willing to allow me to formally film our interaction. I was granted permission from the government but shortly after our meeting, a call came in from higher up, indicating that Bandung Zoo would not meet with us. Permission was then withdrawn.
21. Claim: “Due to the uncertainty of Ms Rodriguez intentions, the Bandung Zoo stated the enormous amount of funds raised might be getting used to make film.”
Response: Honestly, I’m not even sure what this means. But yet again, Bandung Zoo refused to meet with me when I arrived in Indonesia and refused my offer of assistance.
22. Claim: “If this is so, the Bandung Zoo stated the film could be shown around the world and be seen as bad, before the upgrades have been completed, and cause more hate upon the zoo.”
Response: Because the Bandung Zoo is failing to provide proper care for the animals and because the entire animal situation in Indonesia is steeped in corruption and cruelty, I will most certainly be making a film and I hope it is seen around the world. And I hope that it ignites change on a massive scale. If Bandung Zoo does not want to be hated then I suggest that they begin honestly working towards best practices and take better care of the animals.
23. Claim: “Bandung Zoo has reported Ms Rodriguez to the Ministry of Forestry and Environment.”
Response: I don’t care.
24. Claim: “Bandung Zoo is on alert for Ms Rodriguez attempts to enter and film in Bandung Zoo and have circulated her photograph.”
Response: I know and I don’t care.
25. Claim: “Bandung Zoo is in the process of upgrading the Zoo and working hard to provide the animals with a better quality of life. Previously the owner fell very ill and the Zoo passed into the hands of the inexperienced son. Now the Zoo is being given the once over and organizations affiliated with the Zoo have stepped in to help as much as possible. The Sun Bears are getting a new enclosure and plans have already underway.”
Response: I hope the zoo is working hard and I hope that CEE4Life is helping them like they promised. As for the ill father and inexperienced son - this raises a lot of questions and concerns. Did the son allow the zoo to default on providing proper care for the animals, resulting in their suffering and death? Is this the same “son” that, according to the June 25, 2017, CEE4Life video, has been “studying animal ethics and welfare since 2011”? I look forward to discovering the answers to these questions and to confirming their claims of improved care.
That’s it.

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