Months of Harassment With No End in Sight

My name is Rebecca Rodriguez. I am a filmmaker and an animal advocate based in the United States and the CURRENT target of harassment by CEE4Life, an Australia based NGO. The cyberstalking and attempted extortion is being driven by CEE4Life's founder Sybelle Foxcroft with the help of Briony Wolf Luttig of South Africa and Celia Athumani of Australia.

In March 2017, I launched a fundraiser, to cover the expenses of taking an assessment team of animal professionals to Indonesia. My goal was to determine how I might help the starving Sun Bears at Bandung Zoo and perhaps improve matters for the animals on a larger scale.

As a filmmaker, I understand the power of media when it comes to inspiring positive change and I intended to bring my skill set as a filmmaker, along with my 20+ years of experience in animal advocacy, to help the animals of Indonesia.

And then this happened...

Sybelle Foxcroft of CEE4Life contacted me in April and requested that I send her the funds that I had raised to help with her organization's efforts at Bandung Zoo (documented in emails and direct messages). I offered to meet with her when I arrived, to determine her agenda and see how I might help.

I was suspicious of Sybelle after our first encounter. She was combative, judgmental and condescending. But the most disturbing part was that she insisted that the Sun Bears were "never starving" and that the viral video, made by Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group, a reputable organization in Indonesia, was fake.

A very nice couple donated air miles to my team so that we might have more cash resources to spend in Indonesia. Sybelle Foxcroft contacted them and tried to get them to pull their support. In addition, she told my donor that I was not a true friend to the animals because I made a product out of "leather" when in fact, the product that I invented and manufacture, designed to rescue animals out of disaster zones, is made of a vinyl coated, nylon mesh.

I had never seen a group behave so unprofessionally and I made the choice to navigate the situation independently of CEE4Life but this did not stop Sybelle from repeatedly contacting me and insisting to know the details of my upcoming visit to Indonesia.

While I was planning a trip for five people and preparing for the possibility of relocating the starving Sun Bears to a sanctuary, Sybelle was poisoning Bandung Zoo management and the Indonesia Zoo Association against me.

I was in Indonesia for less than four full days and within that time I was followed, photographed, denied a meeting with Bandung Zoo, refused entry to every zoo in the country, publicly accused of fraud and had people calling for my arrest. I left the country but left the remainder of my team behind, who I had kept concealed, so they could push through my agenda.

In July, after consulting with my team and reputable groups in the region I made an offer of assistance to Bandung Zoo (documented and posted). They did not respond.

I made the decision to dedicate the funds I raised to helping other reputable animal groups in Indonesia. International pressure had forced Bandung Zoo to make changes and CEE4Life, their "exclusive" NGO partner, claimed the task of helping them with food, renovations, veterinary care and an educational program.

Despite Bandung Zoo refusing to meet with me and refusing my offer to help, CEE4Life and their supporters continued harassing me for the funds. They insisted that because I had planned to help the Sun Bears at Bandung Zoo, that my funds belonged to the zoo.They didn't and still don't see that when money is raised to fight an animal abuser, the funds don't belong to the animal abuser.

Soon, CEE4Life was making claims of success. The bears had apparently been getting regular nutrition, the elephants were "unchained", the bull hooks were "put aside" and the Sun Bear enclosure renovations were underway.  The first week of October, I sent an undercover investigator in to confirm the claims and to take video. They went in during business hours, with a paid ticket. They found...

The elephants still chained
The bull hooks still in use
The sun bears had put on some weight but were fighting viciously
The sun bear enclosure renovations had NOT started

I posted these two videos and asked CEE4Life for an explanation that never came.

Instead, the attacks by Sybelle Foxcroft, Celia Athumani, Briony Wolf and Paula McKenze-Munin have only gotten worse.  They are posting vicious blogs and smear pages all over the internet aimed and discrediting me. They have attacked other animal rescuers in my orbit and they have even derailed my efforts to save 150 dogs in Italy which has resulted in animals suffering and dying.

In my opinion, these people are ill, obsessed and dangerous. They are either incapable or unwilling to accept the facts and they take pleasure in harming any rescue efforts that gain attention. They clearly don't see that the world needs VISIBLE ANIMAL HEROES to serve as an example to others of how to help make the world a better place for our animal friends.


Best of luck and stay safe out there.

Rebecca Rodriguez


What I've Accomplished in Indonesia...

In the past eight months, since the start of my GoFundMe Fundraiser, I have utilized contributions to accomplish the following…

In May 2017, I provided funds to cover the expenses of Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group’s protest demonstration and petition delivery.

In June 2017, I sent a team of five professionals to Indonesia on a fact-finding trip. Funds were utilized to cover all travel expenses including vaccines, food, lodging, in-country airfare, ground transportation/drivers, emergency airfare for Rebecca, admissions/tours, interpreters, travel supplies, etc… international airfare was donated.
During the visit to Indonesia we…
a. Captured basic footage and photographs of various animal establishments
b. Attempted to assist the Sun Bears at Bandung Zoo (this did not go well)
c. Rescued two young otters, Bubble and Squeak, from the illegal pet trade and transported them to a reputable wildlife sanctuary. Made a financial contribution.
d. Rescued two, five-week-old kittens off the street and transported them to a reputable cat sanctuary. Made a financial contribution.
e. Paid for the veterinary care of an injured, captive monkey.
f. My team met with numerous Indonesia based animal welfare groups and rescuers.
g. Donated Evacsaks to an animal group in Central Java.
h. Contributed specialty electronics to assist with animal rescue efforts.

Since returning from Indonesia we have …
a. Provided funding for the building of an Animal Reading House in Sumatra. This is a project of Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group.
b. Provided funds for a television and DVD player for the Animal Reading House in Sumatra.
c. Provided travel funds for the books to be delivered from Jakarta to Sumatra.
d. Purchased approx 230 animal and environmental books for the Animal Reading House.
e. Purchased approx 60 DVDs for the Animal Reading House.
f. Funded the formation of the Indonesia Animal Welfare Society (IAWS), an organization that will take the lead on humane education in Indonesia.
g. Contributed a laptop for use by IAWS
h. Secured a relationship for IAWS with the National Humane Education Society (NHES) in the United States.
i. Funded several upcoming classroom presentations that will be conducted by IAWS.
j. Funded the website / logo creation for IAWS.
k. Funded an investigation at Bandung Zoo.
l. Produced and distributed the Bandung Zoo investigation videos.
m. Produced, distributed and launched a “Boycott Indonesia Tourism” video/campaign (85K signatures and growing).
n. Made donations to the organizations caring for Bubble and Squeak and the two kittens.
o. Assisting with the development of a coalition of all the reputable groups in Indonesia (ongoing).

p. Shipped books and movies to Indonesia

Around the corner...
b. Grand Opening of the Animal Reading House
c. Conduct more investigations and make those findings public as a way to generate/maintain pressure on those who are not acting in the best interest of the animals.

Because of the harassment and targeted damage caused by CEE4Life, Sybelle Foxcroft, Briony Wolf Luttig and Celia Athumani I had to close my fundraiser, short of reaching my full goal. These are the projects that I will not be able to complete because of the harm caused by these individuals.

1. Provide funding for the translation and printing of educational materials from National Humane Education Society into Bahasa Indonesian.
2. Building an enclosure for two young Sun Bears living at a wildlife rescue facility.
3. Contributing to the building of an enclosure for Mikey, the orphaned orangutan which would have been done provided the zoo agree to discontinue their breeding program which resulted in the tragic death of Mikey's mother.
4. Hiring a teacher for the Animal Reading House for one year.
5. Provide teaching supplies for the new teacher at the Animal Reading House.
6. Provide additional support for the cat sanctuary where our rescued kittens live.
7. Produce educational videos for use by the Indonesian Animal Welfare Society.
8. Assisting Indonesia Animal Welfare Society (IAWS) with the creation of a television series that will be filmed and will air in Indonesia. This show will aim to raise awareness about animal issues and rescue as well as inspire compassion. All revenue/profits that this show generates in Indonesia, will belong entirely to IAWS. This will provide this NGO with an income stream that will allow them to share their message of compassion and kindness, throughout the country as well as assist other Indonesia based animal NGOs.

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