A Burning Question for Sybelle Foxcroft, Celia Athumani and Briony Wolf Luttig of CEE4Life

What will it take to get you to STOP?

It has been close to one year since CEE4Life contacted me regarding my planned work in Indonesia and at Bandung Zoo. In that time the three of you have launched and maintained more than a dozen slag blogs, social media pages and a petition aimed at discrediting me and attacking me and my associates. All because I refused to support your organization.

You have stalked my work around the world and interfered at such a level that animals have died and continue to suffer. You are now vowing to go after my donors and sponsors, as I work to build a web series to highlight animal heroes around the world.

And at this point, I would like to know…

What is it going to take to get you to stop?

The is one of the blogs maintained by Sybelle Foxcroft, Celia Athumani and Briony Wolf Luttig of CEE4Life.

  • Do you want me to stop helping animals? Do you think there are so many people who care and fight for animals that our community has the luxury of losing even one advocate?
  • Do you want me to stop making my “stupid” videos that are simply meant to help educate and inspire people to be compassionate and responsible?
  • Do you want me to stop trying to eke out a living doing what I love and what I’m good at – which is helping animals through film? Would it be better for you if I was penniless and homeless? Would my contribution to animals be more palatable for you if I was living in my car?
  • Are you willing to take up my work? Will you gather up your camera gear and go support the animal heroes that are working in the most devastating conditions? Are willing to stand beside them and give them your genuine support and appreciation for their commitment and sacrifice?
  • Are you willing to help the dogs in Italy – the ones that are still suffering following your interference? Will you try to find a way to get the mayor to keep his promises and then find a place for 150 dogs to go? 
    This is Zina. I was working to free her from a shelter in Fasano. After Briony Wolf contacted the Mayor my influence was damaged and the group that cares for the animals was placed in jeopardy. Zina died in January 2018 after living at the shelter for 12 years.

    Here are the winter conditions the Italy dogs are living in still.
This FB page was built and maintained by Sybelle Foxcroft, Celia Athumani and Briony Wolf of CEE4Life.

This FB page was built and maintained by Sybelle Foxcroft, Celia Athumani and Briony Wolf of CEE4Life.
  • Are you willing to go to Puerto Rico and stand beside people like Leo Roubian at Barks of Hope? Will you help her pull starving animals out of the gutters that have been displaced by Hurricane Maria? And then will you try to patch them up and find them a home? 

Tiny was found living on garbage in Puerto Rico. He is now getting medical care and that chance
at a new home in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Are you willing to go to Greece and lobby for spay and neuter services so 500+ dogs don’t have to live, reproduce and die in an old slaughterhouse?
  • Will you go into communities and face off against people who are failing in their responsibilities to animals? Are you willing to get out from behind your computer and personally face the worst that people can do to animals?
  • Will you then create a “stupid" video or two so that animal heroes can feel a little appreciation? Will you take them supplies and financial help? Will you help them gain a connection to other rescuers around the world, help them learn from one another and help validate them so they can be respected and valued in their own community?
So Sybelle, Briony and Celia of Cee4Life - what's it going to take for the three of you to STOP with the cyberstalking and harassment? What is it going to take for you to focus on your own commitments and stop inferring in my work? 

Rebecca Rodriguez

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