How Many Does It Take...9. No, wait 10...

Q: How many anonymous smear blogs and Facebook pages does it take to attack me?

A: Apparently 9, no wait 10 (update 12/10/2017)

Q: Who would do something like this?

A: You be the judge.

1. Sybelle Foxcroft is the founder and "lead investigator" of CEE4Life.

2. Celia Athumani and Briony Wolf are volunteers/supporters of CEE4Life.

3. Per Sybelle Foxcroft, CEE4Life is the "ONLY" non-profit group working at Bandung Zoo.


4. A social media page called "RebRodRobber" is launched and for weeks, the authors post and distribute gross insults, comments and blatant lies about myself and my team members.

5. Sybelle Foxcroft of CEE4Life promotes RebRodRobber.

6. In a break from their anonymity, RebRodRobber claims to be the group working at Bandung Zoo - which according to Sybelle Foxcroft, is CEE4Life.

7. RebRodRobber / CEE4Life comments about my work in Italy to save 150 dogs.

8. RebRodRobber is shut down due to violating Facebook policies.

9. The next day, RebRodRevealed is launched.

10. RebRodRevealed posts a comment about the Italy dogs and jeopardizes the lives of 150 homeless dogs.

11. Celia claims that Sybelle and CEE4Life are not behind RebRodRevealed.

12. Celia asks for proof of the insults made against us.

13. Sybelle Foxcroft denies involvement with RebRodRobber, RebRodRevealed or the Italy dogs.

14. RebRodRevealed is shut down due to violating Facebook policies.

15. 12/5/2017 The next day RebRod-Robber is launched pointing to yet another blog.

Here is a list of the smear blogs and Facebook pages dedicated to discrediting me.

The content on all the pages centers around my work in Indonesia and the Bandung Zoo, where CEE4Life is the exclusive NGO.


Animal House of Horrors
Help the Animals of Indonesia - shut down
Truth Seeker for Animals
Charity Scam Warnings

Facebook Pages

RebRodRobber – shut down
RebRodRevealed – shut down
Animal House Intl’ Foundation – shut down
Rebecca Rodriguez Scam Artist 
RebRobRobber is back as of 12/9/2017

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